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Services Procurement

  1. Abrasive Coating Application

  2. Corrosive Coating Application

  3. Pump Repair (Abrasive and Corrosive)

  4. Rewinding and Balancing

  5. Epoxy Coating (Floor Coating)

  6. Maintenance AC (Regular and Cold)

  7. Exhaust Fan and Lighting

  8. Rubber Lining

  9. FRP Lining

  10. General Service

  11. Fabrication and Construction 

Goods Procurement

  1. Procurement of AC Spare Part Units (Daikin) Accessories for all brands

  2. Procurement of all product Loctite (Thread Locking, Sealing, Gasketing, Retaining, Lubricant, Cleaning, Structure Bonding, and others)

  3. Valve Procurement (UTE UTSUE Valve)

  4. Procurement of Lubricant and Grease (Petroasia Brand)

  5. Procurement of Electrical goods and instrument (Schneider, Siemen, ABB, and others )

  6. General Trading Procurement (Mechanical , Electrical, and instrumentation)

  7. Procurement of Steam Traps Gesten

  8. Procurement of Rexling Conveyor Belts 

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